#55 – The Tale of Kayla and The Boulder Monkeys

Once upon a time, in a jungle you have already read about in one of your picture books, there was an enormous rock known as The Boulder. In the trees and caves around The Boulder, […]

#54 – The Tale of the Greenvale​ Orb

Once upon a time, right in the centre of a town known as Greenvale, there was an orb. No one could be sure how long the orb had been there and most of the people […]

#53 – The Tale of the Boy Who Could Not Sleep

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Owen who never got tired, and, since he never got tired, he never had to sleep. His parents had struggled with this phenomenon since the day […]

#52 – The Tale of a List of Things That Never Happened

Once upon a time, a boy named Bradley woke up thinking that he had to go to school, only to discover that it was, in fact, a Saturday and that he had the entire day […]

#51 – The Tale of the Darkness of a Cave

Once upon a time, in the cave of a mountain with a name that nobody could pronounce, there lived a young bat known as Vincent. During the day, Vincent felt very comfortable as all the […]

#50 – The Tale of Lovely Polly – Part 2

Lovely Polly and the other students stared at Henrietta as she stood there with two clumps of flowers in her hands. “You cannot do things like this without it going wrong,” Henrietta announced. “It’s not […]

#49 – The Tale of Lovely Polly – Part 1

Once upon a time, there lived a very kind and caring young girl named Polly who was so incredibly nice to everyone she met that she had earned the nickname, Lovely Polly. People would often […]