RECENT FEATURE: Meet the Author – Gregg Savage – Chris the Reading Ape

It was my pleasure to be the guest author over at Chris the Reading Ape’s blog this week. Chris Graham has been a very loyal and encouraging reader of my tales for the past few months and I was honoured to have been asked to contribute to his very active (and wise!) website. Through his blog, Chris aims, “to promote fun and an Oasis of Calm and be a font of useful knowledge and provide tips for Indie Authors.”

Please check out and subscribe to his blog and say hi from me!

I have ended up here because I managed to earn myself a bonus year of life.

Somewhere between October 13, 2016, and October 13, 2017, I convinced myself that I was 37, and not 36, years old. During a trivia game with some friends, I was asked my age. Having never been one to shy away from repeating the figure, I confidently replied that I was 37, to which my astutely mathematical friend responded that, since I was born in 1981, this was incorrect. In line with modern customs, I promptly asked my smartphone assistant to tell me my age. “You are 36 years old, Gregg,” the assistant responded in a slightly unsettling, motherly tone.

Click here to continue reading and to begin exploring the resources Chris puts together for authors everywhere!

I write and publish a children’s tale every day. You can get updated when a new story has been uploaded by following my pages on Facebook, Twitter and my website on WordPress.


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